War Chess

War Chess 2.5

Chess War is a great animated board game that will bring your pieces to life
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War Chess is a great chess game with stunning graphics that any chess fan should have. The installation is very easy and after it is done you can play this trial for 60 minutes. After that you will be able to buy the game through a direct link included in the game`s main screen. The games rules are exactly the same as in the traditional chess game, but here you will have amazing graphics that will truly turn into reality the attacks and slaughter of all the board pieces. Enjoy destroying your enemy´s characters, each of them have special movements and appearance representation. Among your enemies pieces you will find orcs, mad dogs, golems, a wizard and a witch. Among your pieces you will of course find soldiers, epic horses, knights, archers, a sourcerer queen and a wizard king. In order to move the pieces all you need is your mouse, first you have to double left-click over the piece you want to move, and the board will show you the spaces where you can move the piece, after that you just have to double right-click over the space you want to move the piece.
The game can be played against the PC or other players through the web.
In the trial version you only have 20 movements at each game.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Amazing graphics and fun destruction


  • In the trial version you can only make 20 moves per gameplay
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